Understanding Nitrox

If you are curious about tec diving or want to enjoy extended dive times within the no-deco limits, a nitrox certification is the place to start.

In modern diving, nitrox is available practically everywhere. The benefits are so great, and the cost of nitrox fills is so low that there really is no reason not to dive nitrox whenever it’s available. Nitrox extends the no decompression limits of recreational dives and allows for longer repetitive dives with shorter surface intervals. Many divers claim they feel less tired after a day of diving on nitrox than they do after a day of diving on air. This course goes more in depth with theory and physiology than the Computer Nitrox course. This is a great course for someone more curious about nitrox or for someone wanting to build a solid foundation for technical diving.

The TDI Nitrox Course allows divers to enjoy longer bottom times within the no-decompression limits by planning and executing independent dives using gas blends containing 22% to 40% oxygen.

Course Length: ½ Day
Cost: $130 for 1 diver, $120 for 2 or more

Includes Materials and Certification Fee

Prerequisites: 18 years of age 15 with parental consent, Open Water certification.

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