Guided Dives

Guided Sport Dive

With crystal-clear, warm waters and a pristine fringing reef less than 50 meters from shore, Bonaire is undoubtedly the world’s #1 shore diving destination. Year round, we enjoy spectacular waters with incredible visibility and over 460 fish species and 57 coral species to learn about, research or photograph. Here at TDS, our instructors have the knowledge and experience to bring you to some of the ‘unnamed’ or off the beaten path sites, or revisit some of Bonaire’s classics with a bit of a twist. Let us help make your (first) time diving on Bonaire a fun and unforgettable experience. Follow us! We will show you why Bonaire is the “home of diving freedom.”

Cost per person: $50 for 1 dive, $85 for 2 dives

We provide fruit and water. Equipment, Cylinders, Gases, and Transportation are NOT Included.

“Super friendly, flexible and experienced guides and instructors, would recommend them to everyone! They really make you feel safe!”
– Bibi M.

Guided Night Dive:

Just like the “Big Apple,” the reef is a city that never sleeps!

The ocean truly becomes another world during the night. There are many creatures and creature behaviors that can only be observed after the hours of sunset. Let us show you the many wonders of Bonaire’s nightlife!

Cost per person: $65

We provide a primary light per diver.  Additional Equipment, Cylinders, Gases, and Transportation are NOT Included.

Fluorescent UV Night Dive:

Get ready to see the reef in a whole new light!

Fluorescent night diving, or “glow diving,” uses special UV flashlights to enhance the stunning colors and unbelievable beauty of the underwater world. Fluorescence absorbs high -energy light and re-emits it as low-energy light.

This is different from phosphorescence which has the capability to store light and re-emit it over a longer period. All the critters and corals that you swam past earlier in the day will be worth a second look as they glow in hues of pink, green, orange, or blue.

Cost per person: $65

We provide UV and back up light per diver.  Additional Equipment, Cylinders, Gases, and Transportation are NOT Included.   Additional Equipment, Cylinders, Gases, and Transportation are NOT Included.

“I had the chance to go on a UV night dive with Lucia. It was a spectacular experience that I would highly recommend. Lucia has an encyclopedic knowledge of the corals and other marine life. If I ever return to Bonaire, I wouldn’t hesitate to go with TDS”
– Tom

Bioluminescent Ostracod Night Dive:

Come night-time, bioluminescent ostracods live up to their name. Displays happen for a brief period after a full moon. During this time, male ostracods leave the reef and swim up into the water column, secreting an intricate series of long-lasting pulses of light to attract non-luminescent females of the same species. This is an experience that you will never forget. One customer said:


“Suddenly, in the darkness, the string of lights started appearing on the reef and before you knew it, the lights were everywhere. It was so beautiful, like you’re looking at the stars. Just like the movie, Avatar!”


After you have enjoyed the light show, we continue our normal night dive.

** This special type of diving requires divers to be comfortable with night diving and the particular skills that are needed for such dives. While the glow illuminates the surrounding area and divers have flashlights, there are still many safety concerns that divers need to be prepared for before taking the plunge. Talk to us about the SDI Night and Limited Visibility Specialty.  

Cost per person: $65
We provide a primary light per diver.

Additional Equipment, Cylinders, Gases, and Transportation are NOT Included.

“We signed up for a night dive with Zack and Lucia to see the ostracods. They were fantastic! They gave a briefing at the shore and then assisted everyone into the water. Did a short swim to the area and a few minutes later the show began! We were down for about 60 minutes, surfaced, and they assisted us out of the water! Hot chocolate and a reliving of the event! Superb. Highly recommend this couple as they are fabulous!!”
– Sue C. 

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