SDI Instructor Crossover

The ITI Professional Familiarization Program makes it possible to complete all academic requirements for becoming a SDI/TDI Dive Professional. This is the first step for an individual who is current with another recognized SCUBA certification agency to crossover to Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI). You will only have to complete this familiarization once, even if you are crossing over to more than one of these agencies. We make your crossover easy and put everything in one package for youIncluded is the SDI Instructor Pro Kit (all materials needed to start teaching), SDI/TDI Familiarization online program & exam, and Instructor Registration feeAll Specialty Instructor ratings that the crossover candidate qualifies for will be crossed over as well to an SDI equivalent. 

Course Length: 1 Day minimum 
Costs: $59for candidate, $550 for 2-3 Candidates 

Prerequisites: Be a current dive instructor in “active” teaching status with a recognized agency, be in good standing with current agency, and provide proof of liability insurance. 

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