East Coast Diving

Diving the East Coast of Bonaire:

Due to the constant trade-wind, the East Coast of Bonaire is known as the wild side of the island.  The ‘wild side’ offers true diving adventure including the most amazing marine life such as sea turtles, lobsters, eagle rays, sting rays, manta rays, ocean and queen triggerfish, groupers, snappers, green morays and even sharks! Besides that, untouched corals, sea fans a-plenty and interesting topography make the East Coast famous for its beautiful dive sites.

East coast shore diving:

At TDS, because we typically only dive from shore, we are very reliant on the weather when planning an east coast dive. When both the wind and the water are calm, we might get lucky, although we can never guarantee a shore dive trip to the east coast in advance. The low wind period on Bonaire is from August through October and chances for an east coast trip are much higher. Due to sea urchins, waves, fire coral, and uneven footing, most East Coast dive sites are difficult to enter and exit. These dives are for experienced divers only; thick sole booties are highly recommended.

East coast boat diving:

For boat diving on the East Coast, we partner with Bonaire East Coast Diving. They typically offer two dives in the morning and one dive in the afternoon. Their Zodiac is a custom-built military RIB equipped with all the necessary safety gear.  A Divemaster from Bonaire East Coast Diving, who is familiar with the reefs, will conduct a thorough briefing and join you on these dives. Availability on the boat depends on the number of divers, the weather, and sea conditions. Contact bonaireeastcoastdiving.com to book your trip.

“Amazing dive on the east coast. The assistance getting ‘ in’ and especially ‘out’ was greatly appreciated. You two have some serious skills and were ever so mindful of the safety of all of the divers – much appreciated!!!”
– Kristi M.

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