Technical Courses

Decompression procedures, mixed gasses, and stage bottles are tools for extending your dives into new environments that few divers have ever had the opportunity to experience. Technical diving is riskier than sport diving, and it is essential to be as prepared as possible. Safety is achieved through a combination of knowledge, technique, and equipment.

At Technical Diving Services, we hold training in the highest regard as it is the foundation of every diving experience thereafter. We teach to the latest standards and techniques and use top line equipment in all courses.

Our aim is to help every student become the best diver possible.  For this reason, our courses are designed to be an intimate experience. We reduce student to instructor ratio so that each student can be given the necessary individual attention.

We believe that certifications need to be earned and not bought. Therefore, we do not charge for the course as a unit but per day of training. This allows us to structure training to give students the time they need to become versatile, accomplished divers.

Diving is a team sport, so bring a friend or family member to join your course and both of you will receive a discount on your training.

When you complete your course, you will leave with your certification card in hand. How cool are we that we do in-store card printing?\

“I spent a few days with Zack for my Intro to Tech and Advanced Nitrox diving courses. Zack is a great instructor who is patient, and both explains and demonstrates what he is teaching. He took his time, and I didn’t feel rushed or stressed. The equipment at the shop is in great shape, no old or worn-out gear.”
– Tim

Cause we're probably underwater.