Lionfish Hunter

Save our reefs from invasive species and catch your own meal all in one dive!

Lionfish aren’t native to the Caribbean and therefore, are an invasive species to our reefs. With no natural predators and a ferocious appetite, they are hurting fish populations all throughout the Caribbean. The purpose of this specialty is to actively allow the student to engage in the collection of lionfish. We will show you how to safely hunt them using an E.L.F., the only tool permitted by STINAPA for lionfish hunting, how to safely collect them, what proper collection devices look like, and best of all: how to prepare them to eat!

Course Length: 1 day/2 dives
Cost: $165 per day 1 diver, $145 per day 2-3 divers

Includes Materials, Equipment, Air Fills and Certification Fee

Prerequisites: SDI Open Water Scuba Diver, SDI Junior Open Water Scuba Diver, or Equivalent.
Minimum age 18, 10 with parental consent

Cause we're probably underwater.