CCR Support

Here at TDS we have everything you need to support rebreather diving.  As active rebreather instructors and divers we know what it takes.  We always have a solid supply of medical 02, helium/trimix, sofnolime, extend air cartitges for Dive Rite units, and over 100 rebreather cylinders in almost all sizes and styles.  For those that are planning to dive a lot we offer unlimited gas,cylinder and sorb packages by the week to make it easy on you, or pay fills, rental and sorb indvidually if you aren’t planning on as much diving. 

Bonaire is a great location for rebreather diving and training.  With beutiful coral walls surrounding the island you are able to shore dive to any depth for any time you’re dive plan allows…in warm tropical water.  Also because of the wall most deco can be done on the reef giving you cool things to see vs just hanging in the blue. We also have several wrecks that are great to explore.

Let us arrange you’re stay in Bonaire at Captain Don’s Habitat where our shop is located and we can also give you a discount on you’re diving bill.  Contact us for availablity and details.

Closed Circuit Rebreather Packages, include all cylinder rentals (CCR and bailout) all gases, and sorb or extend air cartridges for your trip.  Let us know cylinder sizes, valve types and gases and we will have everything waiting for you.  

Cylinders:  We have 2L and 3L steels and LP50 doubles or Sidemount, Aluminum 6cf, 13cf, 19cf, 20cf (O2ptima), 30cf and 40cf available with Left/Right Valves or inline.  As well as AL40cf and AL80cf for bailouts.


Unlimited CCR Packages

Gases Fills and Sorb

Cylinder Rental

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