SDI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

OWSDIRemember your first dive? The anxiousness mingled with the exciting experience of breathing under water? The alien beauty of the underwater world? The weightlessness, the feeling you were flying? Often that first ever dive is live changing, whether someone chooses to dive for fun or to – eventually – become a dive professional. It doesn’t really matter which dive organization one chooses, but the initial instructor will make or break the experience.

Being as that may, every dive professional needs to be backed up by a good organization. And that is what SDI does. Once you become part of the SDI team, you’re not just a number, you’re a name! Their philosophy is: don’t certify anyone unless you would allow that person to dive with your loved ones.

Do you agree with that philosophy? Than you might want to become an SDI dive center or instructor. Or perhaps you already are, and would like to train new instructors for your facility. Crossover existing instructors to SDI. Offer more specialties in your dive facility.

Technical Diving Services together with No Dive, No Life both located in Bonaire, can arrange and/ or setup a SDI Instructor Development Course (IDC), instructor crossover or specialty workshops at your location. SDI/TDI Instructor Trainers Chris Verstappen and/or Astrid de Jager can conduct the programs in English and Dutch.

Technical Diving Services and No Dive, No Life will be offering an Instructor Online Training for this IDC, which allows candidates to save time and travel expenses by taking advantage of home-study methods. They can start the IDC then, for completion of the program with Technical Diving Services and No Dive, No Life’s Instructor Trainers.

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