Guided Tech Dives

Bonaire might not be the Tech Dive Capital of the world, but we do have some pretty cool dive spots available. Big plus: easy diving in warm, clear water and no incredibly long surface swims. Our shortlist:


IMG_1639 SWDive Bonaire’s ghostwreck, the famous Mairi Bhan. This sailing vessel sank during a heavy storm in 1912. Diving to this wreck requires at least extended range certificate or equivalent, since the maximum depth is 200 ft. After a 10 min surface swim, your guide will take you down along the reef towards the back of the wreck. This is a great place to take pictures, looking at the immense keel. During the bottom of your choice, you will swim along the ca. 240 ft wreck, explore the crows nest and look through the many cracks in the hull. Your decompression stops will be done on one of Bonaire’s prettiest reefs. Look at this video from a Windjammer dive.


A wonderful, dramatic, steep drop off lures many a sport diver at Karpata deeper than they should. But still the quiet depths hold some surprises…

La Dania’s Leap

A challenging entry in tech gear, that’s true, but the reef is absolutely worth it. A steep wall starts at 80 feet and drops down all the way to 150. After that the slope becomes gentler. A good place to see deep sea corals and sponges. And to play with small greens during your shallow decompression stops.

Red Slave

A pretty site shallow, a great site deep. The reef slope continues until 160 feet, filled with gorgonians and brain corals. A good site to look for rays.

Coopers’ Barge

A small barge sank close to Captain Don’s house reef. Decompression stops can be done on the walls of Cliff. How many sea horses do you count?

Sunshine’s Grave

Damaged during a hurricane, Divi Dive’s Sunshine didn’t quite make it to dry land. The wreck is situated on a sandy plate, and is a great hide out for local sea life.

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