OWSDICosts for the SDI IDC:  includes:

 Normal Price  $2359.95
 IDC (8 days) $999.00
 Instructor Online Training & books  $895.95
 Instructor Exam (2 days) $300.00
 Certification Fee $165.00
 Your price $1875.00*
 Also: Specialty Instructor Levels $150.00* 
 Incl.: Specialty Instructor Guide, 2 dives.
 Excl.: Registration fee

Bring in more students then ALL OF THEM GET a DISCOUNT off 15%

Additional cost to train at your location: The flights and stay for 2 IT’s for the complete IDC and IEC (9 days total). The flight and stay for 1 IT for the Specialty Instructor (1 day per specialty), Crossover (2 days) or IEC (2 days). Technical Diving Services will be offering an Instructor Online Training for this IDC, which allows candidates to save time and travel expenses by taking advantage of home-study methods. They can start the IDC then, for completion of the program with Technical Diving Services Instructor Trainer. Instructor Online Training is easy; ask us for a login code, then go to the SDI’s web site at www.tdisdi.com, click on Online Training and follow instructions. If you buy a code online, the additional costs are on you. All rates are in U.S. Dollars

Prices are valid from January 1st, 2018 until December 31st, 2018

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