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Course Overview

The SDI Instructor course is designed to teach current Divemasters or Assistant Instructors the knowledge to safely function as an independent instructor. This program is broken up into two sections, an Instructor Development Course (IDC) and an Instructor Evaluation (IE).



Minimum age of 18.
Certified diver for at least 6 months.
Hold a current diving medical.
Divemaster or Assistant Instructor certified.
First Aid and CPR certified (not older than 12 months).
Oxygen Provider certified.
Proof of 100 logged dives.

Details of the course

The Instructor course covers:

  • SDI standards and procedures
  • History and code of ethics
  • Products and procedures
  • Liabilty and insurance
  • Risk management
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Scuba retailing
  • Physics and physiology
  • Emergency procedures and rescue

Course duration and number of dives

The Instructor course can be completed within 7 days. 4 dives are required.

Additional costs

Recreational Rental equipment if needed. set p/day.
SDI Membership Fees.

Equipment requirement

The Instructor course has some specific equipment requirement more than your standard recreational dive gear. The candidate needs to add to the standard kit a knife, diving torche and note slate. We require that all candidates carry also a spool, SMB and wriste slate. Technical Diving Services offers special Instructor equipment packages for those interested.

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