SDI/TDI Side Mount Diver

What makes the new SDI/TDI Sidemount Diver program better?


 It’s Complete

Feature: The new SDI/TDI Sidemount Diver program is far more than just another “how to” book on sidemount diving. It’s a complete, comprehensive set of training materials designed to work together to make learning  sidemount diving easy. These materials include:

  • Student manual
  • Knowledge Quest workbook

On top of this, all of this information is available as an SDI/TDI eLearning course that covers the same material, in the same sequence, and in the same depth.

It’s Flexible

Feature: You can use the same materials to teach or take everything from an SDI open-water Sidemount Diver course to a TDI technical diving course for deep, cave or wreck.

It’s Practical

Feature: Rather than take a dogmatic “my way or the highway” approach to Sidemount Diver training, the SDI/TDI program covers the broad range of equipment, procedures and techniques used by experienced sidemount divers around the world.


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